Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sarangan lake

Judging from its location, Telaga Sarangan a natural attractions on the eastern slopes of Mount Lawu, about 16 km west of the city Magetan. With a width of about 30 hectares and a depth of approximately 28 meters and is equipped hotel or lodging facilities, services and boat ride service is suitable for family recreation. The first recreational facility that we're going is the rising speed boat, because it happened after the car park directly approached by Mr. Warsono (46), one boat driver. Once there is agreement price, which is 35 thousand dollars for one last trip we went around the lake by boat.

From the boat, the water receded lake looks very, more or less receded about eight meters. Because the limit of high tide to low tide seemed very clear. This is caused by lack of rain because the drought. "If the rainy season, the lake rose and looked more beautiful scenery sir," said Mr. Warsono while driving a boat. While driving his boat, Mr. Warsono kept talking about the lake Sarangan with us. The offerings include a Labuh, which is a ceremonial ritual "Clean Village" is held every year on Friday in the month Ruwah Pon. Aiming for public expressions of gratitude for blessings from the village of the Almighty for all the blessings given by the form of offerings to pelarungan in the lake.

Sarangan is a small town with a height of more than 1000 meters above sea level, can certainly imagine how the weather conditions in this city. In the morning around 04.30 people have started to move, the market mood was alive, rabbit satay vendors wander in front of motels which cost about Rp. 125.000, - to 500,000, - per room (this was a motel rates for decent reply). A very cold morning of course, especially for people who live in the city or are friends with each day and the stifling heat. Well, although you can try chills out of your lodging in Lake Sarangan to walk the road, a typical lake in the city, a variety of entertainment around the lake, began Equestrian, Rising Ship and Boat around the lake or fishing. there are also many pejual food, from meatballs, chicken satay or sate rabbit and we do not bother to get food because the food is eaten the seller's premises berjualannya way way around. if we want to buy memorabilia from Sarangan, we can buy it in a place that has provided the specific market beruba original product Sarangan

it is still quite rare visitors who come from abroad, but actually this tourist attraction is the potential for us to offer to foreign tourists or foreign countries. due to the increase in visitor Sarangan means to increase revenue with and will be meningkatkat special Sarangan economy of local communities. therefore let us preserve this Sarangan attractions


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