Sunday, September 10, 2006

Toba Lake

Toba Lake is One of the wonders of the world and
a volcanic lake with a length of 100 kilometers and 30 kilometers wide. Talk about Toba Lake, not many know that this lake is one of the largest volcanic lake and the deepest in the world. located in North Sumatra Province, Indonesia.Beautiful scenery from the waters of Toba Lake before dawn and drowned. Many point of view of Toba Lake very interesting that has not enjoyed since priwisata and environmental management that are less good. In the middle of this lake there is a volcanic island called Samosir Island. Toba Lake has long become an important tourist destination in North Sumatra, Bukit Lawang addition and Nias, attract domestic and foreign tourists.From a distance looks passenger ships menujuh Samosir island, there are many options to enjoy Toba Lake with easy and cheap.Not only natural beauty, tourism Toba also provided another attraction. What are they? The atmosphere was cool, calm, feels so comfortable to live in Toba Lake. From the height of the hill across the road down to Parapat, we can look at the expanse of blue water like a vast ocean. Overland travel fatigue more than four hours of direct Medan vanished. In simple shops down the street who, many travelers spend hours looking at the natural wonders of Toba Lake, sipping coffee with relish. The wind blowing breeze to add fresh. In the period of 80 years until the mid 90's, this area had become the favorite choice, especially tourist attractions Toba Lake popular at that time. At this time, so its influence is felt how great the economy of the surrounding areas, especially tourist areas Parapat and Samosir. After the mid 90's until now increasingly forgotten this area to become a recreational area choice. The characteristics of this area certainly is a stretch of lake mrupakan largest lake in Indonesia, namely the Toba Lake. There are several underlying historical formation of this lake was a good fictional story created in the population around Toba Lake and natural events that form the Lake of volcanic events extraordinary that happened thousands of years ago, which led to the research record ice age because almost the entire atmosphere the earth is covered by the dust thrown from the bowels of the earth by the vulkamis events.
Toba Lake is also the largest lake in Southeast Asia. The lake formed by an eruption of Toba Mount who fall into one of the biggest eruptions in the history of the world. Toba Lake is located on the island of Sumatra is not only a local tourist destination but also abroad. Although there are many foreign tourists and local, knowing it because no one has offset view of Toba Lake. If there is a match the beauty of Toba Lake, clean and comfortable in North Sumatra, Toba Lake probably will become the largest keramba throughout this century. How to get there? Towards a field you can use the aircraft, many airlines are offering purpose to the city of Medan. While from Medan to Toba Lake you can do or rental car rental rental car or taxi or bus. Medan car rental prices also vary, so plan your journey from now on.